2022 AT SHAREcase Session 2 Room 2

Failing Forward: Strategies for Helping Student Workers Succeed

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 1:00 pm–1:45 pm

Alona McCreary, Student Supervisor, OIT - User Support

As a new supervisor of over forty student workers, I've learned by making a lot of mistakes. Many of my biggest success stories come from learning, asking questions, being vulnerable - and making a lot of mistakes. I'll talk about three key takeaways from my experiences in supervising student workers - establishing trust, opening communication, and setting expectations - and how self-awareness is a superpower that will keep you going through the darkest of times.

Resources and Notes
see collective note-taking document

Topics: Wellbeing for self and staff  |  Accommodations and best practices  | Creating and maintaining boundaries (communication plan)