2022 AT SHAREcase Session 3 Room 3

Matching the Media to the Message

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 1:45 pm–2:30 pm

Lyn DeLormeDigital Education and Innovation Team, CEHD
Nicki May, Digital Education and Innovation Team, CEHD
Xiong Xy, Digital Education and Innovation Team, CEHD

Increasing student engagement is an issue that has dramatically gained attention in recent years, primarily because of the pivoting to remote learning. While this issue is not confined to remote teaching and learning, online teaching environments increased awareness of its role in student success. 

While there are limitations in terms of the strategies that afford an increase in engagement in online environments, there are also significant affordances that deserve great consideration. This presentation will describe a project that aims to increase student engagement and agency in the documentation of linguistic artifacts (e.g., signage). Using a digital mapping platform, students document cultural and linguistic expressions in their communities by moving around in the real spaces and exploring the areas where they live. The digital mapping platform allows them to share images and information with people everywhere and anywhere. Thus, the project embraces situated learning experiences to promote opportunities for increased intercultural competence by facilitating exposure to rich L2 input and spatial content. Participants will discuss applicability of the methodology to other areas, and options for documenting learning success and engagement.

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TopicsExploring improved areas of teaching and learning  |  Technology to enhance learning and facilitate teaching