2022 AT SHAREcase Session 3 Room 4

Moving the needle: low stakes accessibility programming at UMD

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 1:45 pm–2:30 pm

Adam Brisk, Academic Technologist, ITSS Academic Technology
Becky Nelson, Academic Technology Analyst, ITSS UMD

Many of us let lack of resources (read: money, staffing) stop us from taking on accessibility improvement endeavors. Learn from Becky Nelson, Academic Technology Analyst, and Adam Brisk, Academic Technologist, about projects and ideas that UMD has used to further accessibility with the limited resources available to us.

Last year, UMD’s Accessible Academic Technology Team (AATT) hosted a successful Zoom Caption Pledge and programmed a digital campaign for Accessibility Tip of the Month. Pivoting to next academic year, the AATT hopes to launch a year long Accessibility Pledge exploring the Seven Core Skills. Becky and Adam have also partnered with a department to identify their core courses for their program, and address accessibility starting with an assisted UDOIT scan. Attend to hear the struggles and the wins, and to help generate ways you, too, can start to systematically improve accessibility in your unit, even without additional staffing and funding.

Resources and Notes
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Topics: Wellbeing for self and staff, Accommodations and best practices  |  Creating and maintaining boundaries (communication plan)  |  Less can be more (streamlining for success), Technology to enhance learning and facilitate teaching