Canvas Investigations

Canvas Investigation (CI) events are online meetings that occur several times each semester. CI events provide opportunities for Academic Technology (AT) and Instructional Design (ID) staff at the University of Minnesota (UMN) to share use cases, strategies, and ideas for how to use Canvas and related educational technologies to enhance teaching and learning. Presentations are informal events and AT or ID staff typically present for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the topic and number of presenters during a session. Please contact one of the planning group members listed below if you are interested in presenting at a Canvas Investigations session. 

ATiCoP members are automatically invited to CI events through the UMN Gmail calendar.

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Past Presentations with Recordings (2023)

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Supporting Student Success in Canvas (September 6, 2023)

Host:Adolfo Carrillo Cabello
Presenters: Karen Jeannette, UMN-Duluth & Alexis Tarter, CLA Latis


Slides: Supporting Student Success in Canvas
More resources are listed in the slide deck. 

Student and Faculty Focus Group Follow-up (August 2, 2023)

Hosted by SaraNystuen

Resources Canvas Investigation Aug 2, 2023:

Canvas Show & Tell – prepping for the next year (May 3, 2023)

Participants shared ideas and brainstormed: Jamboards Canvas Show & Tell

Understanding Work Patterns in Canvas

  • What is something that you have continue to do since Canvas implementation?
  • What things do you find in need of constant review and adjustment (pain points in need of constant review)?
  • Name one tip and trick that others might not know
  • What is your go-to LTI, why?

LTIs in context - Part 2 (April 12, 2023)

LTIs in Context (Part 2): Understanding support and process of integration  (Presenters: Nicki May, Paul McLagan, Sara Schoen, and Peg Sherven)

Host: Sara Nystuen
Presenters: Nicki May, Paul McLagan, Sara Schoen, and Peg Sherven


LTIs in context - Part 1 (Mar 1, 2023)

LTIs in context (Part 1): Making sense of LTI integrations and their uses in Canvas

Host: Adolfo Carrillo Cabello
Presenter: Chris Scruton, OIT 

Recording Canvas Investigation Mar 1, 2023 - LTIs in context (Part 1)

Presentation slides

Past Presentations with Recordings (2022)

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Canvas Sections (Dec 7, 2022)


Canvas Investigation Dec 2022 – Canvas Sections

Presentations and resources:

  1. Difference between PeopleSoft Sections and Manual Sections in Canvas and use cases for each.  Manual Sections as groups, for incompletes, accommodations (Drew LaCapelle)
    1. Understand course sections
    2. Manually create a section
  2. Using Manual Sections in practice (Alexander Kulacki)
  3. One-offs about the upkeep of manual sections and drops. (Sara Nystuen to mention if Drew doesn’t)
  4. Cross-listing sections  (Tracy Wilson)
    1. old-style cross-listing (diff departments teaching same course)
    2. grad/undergrad (gradebook)
    3. labs/lecture (due dates)
    4. co-teaching (diff instructors)
    5. online/F2F (schedule/recordings/assessment/zoom)
  5. Batch cross-sectioning and magic tool (Tony Leisen)
    1. Folder with Video, example, code
    2. Spreadsheet copy for using the tool
  6. Use Cases for Small number manual section management via People Tab - AT Level (Sara Nystuen)
  7. Grading Cross listed Sections (Liza Meredith)
  8. Using Section Enrollment Tool (Silke Moeller) - Demos

Maximizing FbF implementation and use: How to get started? (Nov 2, 2022)


Canvas Investigation Nov 2022 – FeedbackFruits Implementation and Use


This session will provide an overview of the implementation plan for FeedbackFruits. The session will include tips and tricks from Carlson's Instructional Team, as well as ideas for marketing, increasing buy-in, and managing expectations. 


  • Susan Tade, ATSS
  • Leah Dwinnell, Tony Leisen, Esther Maruani, Sao Yang, Carlson School of Management

Slides and Resources

Gradebook Setups and Settings: Weighting, Extra Credit, and more (Oct 5, 2022)


Canvas Investigation Oct 2022 – Gradebook considerations, challenges


  • Pedagogical Considerations of Extra Credit 
    • Grace Atkins, CLA Latis-LX – CEI resources
  • Technical aspect/challenges/limitations of Canvas Gradebook setup 
    • Dennis Svendsen, OIT & Soni Froyen, ATSS
  • Grade Posting Policy and Late Policy Considerations 
    • Tracy Wilson, CFANS
  • Consideration about Weighting vs Total Points - Differences and Why's? 
    • Kalli-Ann Binkowski, CBS
  • Instructors sharing Challenges, Solutions, and Issues with Canvas Gradebook
    • Penny Nichol, Psychology TC
    • Merc Chasman, Mathematics Morris (Recording)
    • Sara Nystuen, CFANS
    • Sarah Buchanan, Language Morris (Recording)

Slides and Resources

See presenter slides (resources are listed at the bottom)

Design Tool Showcase (Aug 3, 2022)




Sara Nystuen-Royzenfeld, Sarah Maxwell, Tracy Thomas Wilson, Honey VanderVenter, Sara Schoen, Yelena Yan

Slides and Resources

Discussion (May 4, 2022)


Presenter and Resources

Hypothesis Evaluation and Lessons Learned (Apr 6, 2022)

Assessment Strategies (Mar 2, 2022)



  • Aparna Katre: Assessment with Hypothesis and Rubrics
  • Adam Brisk and Karen Jeannette: Assessment in transition: Shifting processes and mindsets for small and large courses

Slides and Resources

New Quizzes (Feb 2, 2022)


Presenters and Resources