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The Conference – Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

Land acknowledgements and conference logistics
Welcome by Provost Croson
Conference overview


Embodied Learning Strategies to Create Human Connection and Engagement Dr. Susan Hrach



Linguistic Landscapes: Students Agency in Context

Adolfo Carillo Cabello, >Cecily Brown, Shana Crosson

Matching the Media to the Message

Lyn DeLorme, Nicki May, Xiong Xy

Moving the needle: low stakes accessibility programming at UMD

Adam Brisk and Becky Nelson

The Bakken Center's Wellbeing Enhances Learning (WEL) model and how to use it

Kely MacPhail and Asa Olson


The Unconference – Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Unconference intro and session generating



Session A Future of AT Support
Session B [easy-to-implement] AT best practices wellbeing/mental strategies
Session C Discuss Dr. Hrach's challenge questions and embodied learning


Session D Designing for student success/persistence in async online courses WITH How can we incorporate Dr. Susan Hrach's strategies into an asynchronous online class?
Session E Storage-related strategies (decluttering your virtual world)!
Session F Diversifying your influences (social media, books, podcasts, etc).


Session G Clear support paths and marketing AT services to busy teachers/educators/faculty. How to advocate for greater visibility and acknowledgment of the work of AT and IDs?
Session H Department-initiated course templates: Improving the student experience through consistency across a course designator
Session I Strengthening virtual community and connection for wellbeing WITH How do we support wellness for staff too?


Planning for next year’s SHAREcase and Investigations



Please feel free to email [email protected] with any questions you may have.